About this blog . . .


I’ve given much thought to philanthropy, kindness, life purpose, and anything with melted cheese on it.  After decades of rumination, it’s time to begin writing about the first three.  (The cheese blog must wait.)

This blog is for people who, like me, search for meaning in our work and in our lives.  It’s for volunteers, philanthropists, non-profit professionals, and/or otherwise very kind people who, in spite of the seeming futility of it all, are compelled to pursue lofty ideals around making the world a better place.

It’s also about examining ourselves, our attitudes, perceptions, habits, beliefs, and everything else through which we filter our experiences of the world.  Many of us are so externally focused that we forget to do the “inner work” necessary to save ourselves, let alone save the planet. 

This blog will feature articles and ideas from the “charitable” sector, as well as essays and reasonably well-crafted philosophies from yours truly.  It will also feature self-development and self-discovery resources and ideas to assist and perhaps even challenge us as we synthesize our life missions with the mundane daily routines of the “real” world.  (I love that expression – the “real” world.  Everything else is just a dream.  They wrote a song about it.  It’s called “Row, row, row your boat.”)

Thank you for visiting this corner of cyberspace.


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