Giving back, or just giving?

Well,  here’s an interesting notion.

As a fundraiser, I’ve have numerous conversations with donors who want to “give back” to their community, or to a program or agency that helped them during vulnerable times.  I’ve never questions this motive for giving, and in fact, considered it quite noble.

Today, I took a peek at Dr. Joe Vitale’s blog, and came across this concept.  He quotes an interview he conducted with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of Thou Shall Prosper:  Ten Commandments for Making Money.  Apparently, Rabbi Lapin takes exception to people who want to “give back.” 

As Dr. Vitale words it in his blog, the idea of giving back after you’ve made a lot of money is insulting.  Why give “back”?  You didn’t take anything.  Giving back implies there is something to be returned.

In other words (my words, to be specific), “giving back” just means you’re evening the score.  Setting your account to zero.  You’re back in black. 

Let’s say you give me $50.  I come into a little money, so I give $50 back to you.  Have I been a generous donor?  No.  A true gift would be to return the $50 I owe you, and proceed to give you additional money.

Dr. Vitale espouses an idea that is the complete opposite.  Instead of coming into money and then giving it back, he advocates giving, which allows wealth into your life.   In other words (my words, to be specific), instead of receive and give, it’s give and receive.

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