What’s an old Hawaiian healing practice have to do with you?

I’ve been learning a little bit about an ancient Hawaiian healing practice called ho’onponono.  (You think it’s hard to say?  Try typing it 10 types very fast.)

One of the core philosophies of this practice is that you are responsible for everything that comes into your awareness.

I’m not asking you to buy into this philosophy.  Just consider what it means.

When you hear stats about homeless people or child abuse, it’s your responsibility.  When a friend is hurt or in an accident, it’s your responsibility.  If you know anything at all about the war in Iraq, it’s your responsibility.

Notice I didn’t say it’s your fault.  It’s your responsibility.  Sometimes things that aren’t our fault are still our responsibility.  This is a hard notion for those of us of 21st century Western society to accept.

You’re also responsible for all the good stuff, too.  Your plane lands safely.  Your child’s new tooth comes in.  You get a tax refund.  You and your partner had swell sex last night.  You’re reponsible for that too.

And what do you do about all this stuff that you’re responsible for?  You pray.  There’s a very special prayer that ho’onopono healers recite, and it involves asking forgiveness, thanking, and expressing love. 

I admit that the idea of praying for forgiveness for something that isn’t even my fault is hard for me to get my head around. 

But just for a moment, imagine what the world would be like if we all bought into this philosophy.

For everything wrong in the world, the masses would say “Oh, we have to fix that.  Sorry about that.”  For everything wonderful in the world, the masses would celebrate, even if there was no connection between what most of these people did and the wonderful thing being celebrated.

This is just me, musing.

If you’re interested, I heard about ho’oponopono in a book called Zero Limits by Dr. Joe Vitale. 

And by the way, if you purchase the book through the link, I don’t get commission or anything.  I lifted the link from Dr. Vitale’s own site, so he’ll get the “credit.”

I talk a little more about ho’oponopono in one of my other blogs, Gifts from the Universe.  This blog reveals my New Agey side and might be a bit much for some people.


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