A new direction

Yes, it has been a very long time since I’ve posted here.  I’ve spent the past couple of years soul-searching on a variety of topics that I probably should have blogged about.  But there were sensitivities to consider, and blogging on these topics in a public venue would have been ill-advised.

In a nutshell, I believed I was becoming weary of the field of philanthropy and fundraising.  I took a look at some other career directions, but none really excited me.  I decided to dissect my lack of enjoyment, thinking that if I could isolate the elements that I didn’t like, I could change them.

So I did just that.  And I discovered that none of the elements I disliked are directly related to philanthropy or fundraising.  In fact, the idea of directing resources to make the world a better place is still very exciting.

The elements I did not like had to do with being a part of an organization, to be told to march in one direction while being nudged in another, to be mandated to execute plans that I didn’t have faith in – – basically, to be an employee.

I’ve realized this about myself for quite a long time, actually.  However, I passed it off as immaturity on my part.  After all, I really was working my dream job.  I had a lot of flexibility, did not have to punch a time clock, was able to take time off if my daughter was ill, and could even occasionally sneak off to a hair appointment if I needed to.

I had great coworkers, great bosses, and compared to many non-profits, a great physical space in which to work.

I lectured myself for quite a few years on my resistant behaviour.  I asked myself what in the heck did I possible want?

The ridiculous answer kept whispering itself to me:  freedom.

And so I submitted my resignation to this wonderful organization, said goodbye to my rather nice paycheque, and have hung out my own shingle.

And suddenly, philanthropy has become a fascinating topic again for me!

Stay tuned for further updates, such as my website (under construction as of this writing) and more.